AWLEF is the Alabama World Languages Education Foundation. It is a non-profit, charitable organization whose purpose is to create an innovative, global languages and cultures environment that inspires, encourages and provides opportunities for the Alabama community.


The JoAnna B. Crane Scholarship.  In 2013, The Alabama World Languages Education Foundation was incorporated as an Alabama Nonprofit Corporation, and in September 2014 the IRS approved AWLEF as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization.  All donations made to AWLEF are tax deductible.  AWLA transferred operation of the JoAnna B. Crane Scholarship and the WILD program to the AWLEF Board.  

To learn more and support the JoAnna B. Crane Scholarship, visit here.



  • 30 May 2018 2:09 PM | Malinda O'Leary (Administrator)

    Do you want to be a part of history? Then register now for the World Language Education distinctive license tag! The state provides a way for us to do a bulk upload of supporters. Complete the Google Form below and you’ll be uploaded before the tags even go on sale! We need to hit our minimum goal of 250 but would love to hit over 500! That would provide over $20,000 per year to support World Language Education in Alabama!

    The tags themselves are good for 5 years with yearly registration and $50 renewal. After 5 years, we will go back to the state and reapply with a new design! 

    Please, help support World Language Education in Alabama! We are the ONLY state with such a tag and are setting a trend for the rest of the country! Be a part of history and of providing world language education to all children in Alabama!

    The funds from this license tag will to the Alabama World Languages Education Foundation, a 501 c 3 non-profit organization. We have a Board of Directors who will distribute the money through scholarships (for teachers and students), professional development opportunities, and immersion programs in Alabama for both students and teachers. 

    The scholarship will have specific criteria and a committee to decide the recipients, like all other scholarships. The board of directors will decide on all expenditures. The plan is to reach all parts of the state and not just the large cities. The more funds we have the more we can do. You can check out our current projects here at

    The funds will expand what we do now and allow us to add more projects!

    Complete the form here.

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