Alabama World Language Association

The mission of the Alabama World Languages Association is to motivate educators to contribute to
and to advocate for improved world language education for all students at all levels.


AWLA's mission is to motivate educators to contribute to and to advocate for improved world language learning environments for all students at all levels. AWLA is working to raise public awareness on the benefits of language learning in order to influence the direction of world language education in Alabama. Our goals include:

  • To advocate for world languages at all levels (including adding more elementary and middle school programs)
  • To advocate for a world language proficiency requirement
  • To educate administrators on the specialized needs of world language teachers in the classroom
  • To motivate teachers to improve their language skills
  • To encourage teachers to use the latest language learning methodologies and technologies in the classroom

Advocacy begins with you! How can you advocate?

Check out these 8 Easy steps to become an advocate!

Seal of Biliteracy

The seal certifies that a student is proficient in all modes of a language, such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students will be assessed in their junior or senior years for language proficiency. Qualified students will receive a seal on their high school diploma to signify the award along with a certificate of achievement. Learn more here!

Want to get involved?

The Joint National Committee for Languages and the National Council for Languages and International Studies (JNCL-NCLIS) is our presence in Washington, DC. If you would like to go to Capitol Hill or learn more about how you can advocate for languages, visit the JNCL-NCLIS online.

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