AWLA Conference 2017

Strengthening Your Core with World Languages

        AWLA is delighted to partner with the Auburn University Department of   Foreign Languages and Literatures for the annual conference to be held February 3-4, 2017.

Thank you!

Thank you to all that joined us this year in Auburn.
It was a record-breaking year for AWLA and we appreciate the support and expertise shared
by our members this weekend.  Plans are underway for AWLA 2018 in Mobile.  Check it out here.  

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Conference 2017 Registration Includes...

  • Renewal of 2017 membership
  • Breakfast (Saturday, February 4th)
  • Lunch (Saturday, February 4th)

Download the conference program here.

Please email any conference questions to: 

2017 Conference Program Chair, Malinda O'Leary.

Schedule At-A-Glance

Friday, Feb. 3, 2017

  • 12:00 Registration Desk Opens
  • 1:00  Pre-Conference Workshops
  • 4:00 Sessions Begin
  • 5:30 Welcome Reception & Plenary Presentation with FLTEACH Co-Founder Jean LeLoup
Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017
  • 7:00  Registration Desk Opens
  • 7:45 Chapter Breakfasts
  • 9:15 Sessions Begin
  • 10:15 Keynote Address with ACTFL President Pete Swanson
  • 12:00 Awards Luncheon & Spotlight on Advocacy with Bill Rivers of JNCL-NCLIS 
  • 1:30 -4:50 Afternoon Sessions

Pre-Conference Workshop Opportunities

Friday, February 3rd | 1:00-3:50
Comprehensible Student Input: Simplified Teacher Output
Meredith White and Yohanna Jimenez (SCOLT) This workshop will explain and exemplify the tools needed for a Comprehensible Input & Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling for the novice teacher.

Tech Tools for Language Learning
Raegan Lemmond (The University of Alabama), Kristy Britt and Jenny Faile (The University of South Alabama) This workshop will use the wealth of resources on the internet to foster language learning and learner-centered activities.

Common Formative Assessment: A Tool for Teaching
Nick Gossett (The University of South Alabama) In the classroom, on-gong formative assessment is imperative for student and teacher success. In this workshop participants will create tasks and see how to use their curriculum to create on-going formative assessment for language courses.

Leveraging Technology for Professional Development
Patricia Nolde (Georgia State University) and Stacey L. Powell (Auburn University) Participants in this workshop will identify opportunities for professional development, professional learning networks, leveraging social media for creating community, 
online professional identity and assemble a network of resources.

Featured Talks From Nationally Recognized Educators

Keynote Address by ACTFL President Pete Swanson 

Our Core Practices

Pete Swanson (Past President,  American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages & Georgia State University) Within the notion of communicative language teaching are a set of teaching practices that support second language learning and development. Dr. Swanson unpacks six core practices that are essential for novice and veteran teachers alike.

Spotlight on Advocacy from JNCL-NCLIS with Executive Director Bill Rivers

Making the Case for Languages in 2017
William P. Rivers, Ph.D. (Executive Director Joint National Committee for Languages – National Council for Language and International Studies). 2017 promises to be eventful for language advocates! The elections will have changed Washington, DC, and the Commission on Language Learning is due to release its report. Dr. Bill Rivers will discuss the impact of these events, looking forward to help us position ourselves for making the case in 2017 and beyond.

Dr. Rivers has given his permission to share the content of his presentation, please find it here.

Plenary and Session from FLTEACH Co-Founder Jean Leloup (USAFA)

Language and Culture in the Classroom: Are YOU on Target?Jean W. LeLoup (United States Air Force Academy).  For world language teachers, using the target language in the classroom is key to their students’ success in learning to communicate. Combining this strategy with an infusion of as much cultural information/knowledge as possible is a powerful recipe for “turning out proficient L2 users.”  Dr. LeLoup will talk about how she has tried to “stay on target” throughout her decades of language learning and teaching and where this has led her.

Would you like to exhibit at AWLA 2017? 

We are excited to announce that our exhibit spaces available have sold out. Thank you to all of our Conference 2017 Exhibitors and Sponsors!

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